Former Cadiz forward for Hercules Edward Rodriguez will be considered this Sunday Adoption from Alicante At a corporate event to be held in the General Assembly Hall Alicante Provincial Council at 10:00 in the morning

Rodriguez played for Hercules in the early 1990s, was promoted to the Second Division and another Division One, and became Alicante’s all-time top scorer with 86 goals.

The President of the Provincial Council will participate in the law, which recognizes the personal and professional careers of people born outside the state of Alicante but later connected with the region, Carlos Mazonand Julia Parra, Vice President and Vice President for Culture.

Last March, at the opening ceremony of Hercules’ centennial, Mazón announced that his intention was to recognize the former striker with this designation in gratitude for the time he spent in Alicante, where he currently resides.

Rodríguez came to Hercules from Badajoz in the summer of 1991 and exploded in the 1992-93 season after a season of adaptation. scored 36 goals Who helped the team rise?

He was then transferred to Rayo Vallecano, then to the First Division, and returned two years later to experience a new promotion, now reaching the highest category with Hércules.

The 56-year-old from Cádiz finished his career at Hercules with 86 goals, some of which are unforgettable, for example the win at the Camp Nou (2-3) and he reached the pinnacle of the comeback against Barcelona.