fifteen players Spanish football team They sent multiple emails to the RFEF announcing their decision to leave the national team. This decision comes after a major international group tried unsuccessfully to have Luis Rubiales sack Jorge Vilda as national coach.

In a statement, the RFEF assures that it “will not allow players to question the continuity of the national coach and coaching staff” and to the players “according to current Spanish legislation, Failure to participate in a national team call-up is classified as a very serious violation and can result in disqualification from two to five years.“.

In any case, “RFEF wants to make it clear that contrary to the way these players act, it will not lead them to this extreme or put pressure on them. Put on the Spain jersey. “The federation will only have committed players, even if they have to play with youngsters,” he said..

Yes, the body, chaired by Luis Rubiales, said, “The players who have submitted their resignation They will return to the national team discipline in the future only if they admit their mistakes and ask for forgiveness.“. As reported by the current Ballon d’Or and Barcelona star, Ser, Alexia Putellasnot among them.

Revolt against Vilda

Less than a month ago, the footballers’ media leaked this. His discontent with Vilda, already known behind the scenes, had led to a meeting with Rubiales to demand his dismissal.. Among the reasons discussed were the alleged incompetence of the coach, his training routines (insufficient for the players) and the results from the last European Championship.

“The federation will not accept any pressure from any player while taking sporting measures.. Such maneuvers are far from exemplary, outside the values ​​of football and sport, and harmful,” says RFEF, after initially choosing a prudent profile for compliance.

After the turmoil caused by the uprising (not supported by all internationals and creating a void in the locker room), the three captains of the team (Irene Paredes, Jennifer Hermoso and Patri Guijarro) appeared at a press conference and denied that they wanted Vilda’s head, and that they limited themselves to listing aspects that many players were unhappy with.

The pressure from the players did not affect Rubiales, who reiterated his trust in Vilda. In fact, this week he has refreshed and strengthened the ‘roster’ of women’s teams, and Vilda remains both coach and sporting director of all women’s teams in the upper and lower categories.

Now they are taking the team one step further by giving up the election. because the current situation affects them “significantly” in their “emotional state” and “health”.Of those 15 emails, “coincidentally they all have the same wording,” according to the federation.

It went from being a real sporting issue to a dignity issue. The choice is indisputable. “It’s a unique situation in the history of women’s and men’s football in Spain and around the world.”