this quarter past four in the afternoon a Sunday in early September Not the best time to go to a football game. strong heat, 34 degrees forecast, anyone. However, the fans Elche CF He will not leave his team alone in the important game to be played this Sunday. Bilbao Athletics Club.

Backers and franjiverdes rocks are already on the move To attend the meeting and to be with the team and its players in this difficult moment that the Elche team is going through.

Fans are encouraged to be present an hour and a half before the game and submit an offer via social networks. A wonderful welcome for the coach of the football players upon arrival at the Martínez Valero stadium.

One of the most enthusiastic “Pelucas Verdes” rock points out on his Twitter account: “No giving up here! A big welcome to the players before the game so they feel we are here and if they really feel they have to leave everything on the field.».

At the same time, «the players need the encouragement of the fans, everyone is welcome. Now more than ever, we must be the number 12 player. Lots of Elche!» are broadcasting on «Pelucas Verdes», announcing that they will be in their usual space on the square in front of the stadium, starting at two o’clock in the afternoon.

On your own behalf Christian Araez, Through his private account, «To be number 12 at Martínez Valero you have to organize a reception. Let Athletic Club feel where it’s played».

Elche fans are aware that Francisco and his players need support to get three points, which will partially reduce the bad start to the season and look to the future more optimistically.

Caps and discounts on the water

The Elche club awaits its decision. League to find out if it is the same as in the previous meeting against real societythe patronage of football sends them hats to beat the heat.

10,000 white hats with the LaLiga logo were distributed in the match against San Sebastian. Something that happens in other stadiums where matches are played at noon or early afternoon, for example Majorca-Girona It was played last Sunday at two in the afternoon.

Drinking is prohibited in the stadiums. Only uncapped water bottles smaller than 50 centiliters are allowed.

In the match against Real Sociedad, Elche,Reduce the price of small water bottles to just 50 cents. Something similar happened at the stadium. Palma’s son MoixAlthough the price of water bottles in the Majorca stadium costs one euro.

Request for program changes

Many fans and team clubs from regions where the weather is warmer are complaining about LaLiga for not playing matches during the hottest hours. However, the employer Javier Thebespointed “Squaring 200 games is complicated”. Therefore, no replacement of the usual programs is planned at this time. Elche played against Real Sociedad at half past five in the afternoon and will play at quarter past four this Sunday against Athletic.