Frank from the forest She is one of the most recognizable television faces of recent years, although her small screen role is now more referenced than ever. Who is not popular for now His son Zape Cuesta, who surprised everyone with his signing for Palencia CF exploiting your face as a successful football player.

The young man, born in Thailand but has dual citizenship, is only 18 years old and Alcorcón has already joined the Leganés and Fuenlabrada quarries. Since then, he was already pointing to ways to be considered a good football player and now with this new job opportunity he will make his debut as the Third RFEF football player in the category Palencia CF competed in 2022. /23 seasons.

It was the club itself that made the signing official through its social networks, thus adding a goalkeeper with a bright future if he knows how to use his skills on the field. He was called up in Sub 19 by the Thai team at the time (just 16 years old), especially after he stood out at the Alcorcón quarry.