this The Spanish team has been declared under-18 European champions for the second time in its history.Beating 34-32 in the final played at Verde Complex in Podgorica, to a Sweden that sells defeat dearly and practically did not give up until the last seconds.

Javier Fernández “Jabato”‘s team authoritatively defeated the Scandinavian team in the first place (40-33). It didn’t happen this time though Spain proved to have enough resources to hang the goldSomething that hasn’t happened since the second edition in 1994.

There were ‘Hispanics’ a good stagingWith an 8-4 start, but Sweden with a star Axel Mansson (13 goals) and despite Álvaro Pérez’s saves, they slowly knew how to catch up with the pace of the game, how to match and even go halfway. time with a slight advantage (15-16).

But the balance was palpable until Spain. He managed to change the tide of the battle to his side. He went from 23-23 to 31-28 and ended up with a win. Yes, it’s never easy.

Ian Barrufet’s penalty and the consequent dismissal with 33-30 in electronics, even with four minutes left, opened up the survival option for Sweden. Scandinavian took advantage of the situationHe signed 33-32 and had the option to draw at 1:30.

But Alvaro Perez Against Marcus Bjorkman he made a big stop from the hat and Spain gasped.. Ferran Castillo did not miss the next attack. He set up 34-32 and left Sweden in the background. Worse still, the Spanish goalkeeper had time to cancel another option for his rivals and ‘Jabato’ students and Spanish fans were able to celebrate the championship even before the end of the match..

Ferrán Castillo became the Spanish player to score the most goals, along with Petar Cikusa.He was named the best Spanish player with six goals from Vícdtor Romero and Xavier González. Djordje Cikusa contributed four, three Ian Barrufet and Alejandro Pisonero, and one Pablo Herrero and Ezequiel Conde.