Just four months after winning (0-1) Benito at Villamarinpractically documenting its permanence Elche CF In Part One, the group from Elche Betis is returning to his principality and doing so to open the curtains of LaLiga 2022-2023..

yes on that occasion Tete Morente’s goal cheers up the franciverde communityat the meeting this Monday (9:30), Francisco’s team wants to surprise a Betis again casualties were reduced due to sanctions and his inability to register his signatures and players he renewed for failing to comply with financial fair-play.

Elche wants to start from the right foot A historic season like the CentenaryGreat hopes must be placed and it is expected that he will achieve his third consecutive stay in the First Division and dream of higher levels.

Francisco, the attack on Villamarín starting eleven very similar to the one he won four months ago. They won’t be about that meeting Gonzalo Verduwounded; Raul Guti, with muscle discomfort; Y Kike PerezReturning to Valladolid after his loan. The rest: Edgar Badía, Helibelton Palacios, Enzo Roco Roco, Diego González, Mojica, Gumbau, Fidel and Ezequiel Ponce, as well as pere Milla, Josan or Tete Morente have all the ballots to return to the starting squad. second part.

Elche is hardly going to deliver great news, and of the four signings so far, the striker has the best chance to start first. Roger Marti. Principally, Carlos Clerc, Pol Lirola and Alex ColladoThe player, who is expected to enter today, will look for an opportunity on the bench. Francisco has already warned that everyone is ready to play.

The Frangiverde technician will take the casualties of Gonzalo Verdú, who continues to recover from his operation; Lucas BoyFollowing the specific recovery plan to overcome adductor issues and expected to attend group training sessions next week; ShepherdAlthough he started working with the rest of his teammates, he needed a period of fine-tuning after he didn’t do the pre-season; Y Raúl Guti, who recently suffered from muscle ailments and was not forced to work.

Everything else will be at Francisco’s disposal. domestic players Rodrigo Mendoza, Bane Knezevic, Jesús López, Carles Marco, Pamies and Alfaro to complete the call.

starter kit

Elche’s coach doesn’t like to give the starting 11 before games. Just the opposite. He tries to hide it as much as possible and always has a surprise. The big question is whether he will use four defenses or three central defenders and two lanes. A priori, the first option is the one most used in the pre-season.

This way, the default starter kit will consist of: edgar badia on target, Helibelton Palacios, Enzo Roco, Diego González and Johan Mojica On the defensive. Omar Mascarell and Gerard Gumbau with the help of it will occupy the double axis in the middle of the field Loyalty further left. on the right wing, Josan and Tete Morente They’re vying for a position just like they’re ahead Pere Milla and Roger Marti. If Catalan plays at the start, he can do so starting from the left wing. If the Valencian does, he will act as the second point. Ezekiel Poncefixed to attack.

Today is the big day of the Elche festivities and the franciverde team wants to participate The celebration of Asunción de la Mare de Dèu in Misteri is a night that can be spectacular and complete, with a victory for the team of Nit de L’Albà and Elche.