Hercules was rewarded Ciutat d’Alcoi Trophy after beating Alcoyano on penalties blue with white goalie Charles the High Priest as the protagonist by stopping two pitches and giving victory to his team. Again Ángel Rodríguez’s team showed good sensations in a game against a superior category opponent in the second half. The Herculaneum team conceded their first pre-season goals during the pause and the coach was dismissed for protest.

Hércules started the game with the starting line-up and without players from the subsidiary. and for the first time with the central duo who will in theory start the season: Marcelo Djalá and Dylan Leiva. Ángel Rodríguez replayed in midfield with three players (Toscano, Sergio Marcos and Maxi), putting Cedrés, Villacañas and Harper ahead. With key players on the bench like Moyita and Pedro Sánchez, think about his match against Orihuela in the FA Cup this Friday and face an Alcoyano.

A scene from the match played in El Collao Juani Ruz

this the first part left very even minutes Although in El Collao the property goes to the visitors. The first chance came twenty minutes after a big game. Villacanas and Harper This ends with a good intervention by Stopajnik. In the final half of the first 45 minutes, a Toscano center was finished off by Dylan, taking advantage of his height, but the Alcoyano goalkeeper caught the ball without difficulty. A key move soon followed. As Jack Harper faced the goalkeeper alone, he fell to the ground without hesitation as he pointed to the penalty referee. The Hercules striker, who played at a good level in the first half, was responsible for starting it and putting the team ahead, wearing their second jersey yesterday, wearing red and white.

TAfter the break, Alcoyano was superior to a Hercules decreased with the changes. Carlos Abad’s brilliant save in the 83rd minute blocked the equalizing goal, but in the end Vicente Parras’ team dominated the game with a brilliant goal from Revert to force the penalties during the pause. Ángel Rodríguez was expelled for protesting the short overtime to the referee. The Ciutat d’Alcoi Cup was determined in a penalty shootout where the main hero was Carlos Abad, the Hércules goalkeeper who stopped two shots at Alcoyano. On behalf of the blue and white team they scored Raul Ruiz, Ander Vitoria and Jean Paul. Hercules left good feelings, especially in the first episode. With the changes, as with Rico Pérez, the team has blurred, although it has retained its character and struggle. Raúl Ruiz took the trophy.

Alcoyano faces an important match against Orihuela this Saturday, which coincides with the FA Cup. In order to qualify for the King’s Cup, he needs to win to keep fighting.

ALCOYANO: Stopajnik, Primi, Álvaro V., Lillo, Fran Miranda, Juanan, Varela, Antón, Alcaina, Agüero and Raúl GR Raúl, Soler, P. Carbonell, Imanol, Rubio, Revert and Jorge also played.

Hercules: Abad, Eimil, Marcelo Djalá, Dylan, Felipe, Toscano, Sergio Marcos, Maxi, Cedrés, Villacañas and Harper. Dani, Nico Ortiz, Manu Navarro, Jean Paul, Ander, Raúl Ruiz and Coque also played.

TARGETS: 0-1. 41 minutes, Harper. 1-1, 90 minutes, back.

STADIUM: El Collao

mourning for José Luis Pérez-Payá

On the other hand, José Luis Pérez-Payá, one of the famous “Crystal Forward” members of Atletico de Madrid, along with Larbi Ben Barek, Henry Carlsson and Adrián Escudero, and former Real Madrid player, two European Cup winners, died this Friday. He was also president of the RFEF between 1970 and 1975 and a member of the board of directors of the Real Madrid veterans division.

However, he will be remembered for the League award he won with his coach Helenio Herrera on the dock with his teammates in the 1950/51 season in Atletico de Madrid, where he developed his best football between 1950-1953.

Red and white Pérez-Payá scored a total of 30 goals in 65 matches. His numbers caught the attention of Real Madrid, where he played the last three seasons of his career without much presence in a team led by Alfredo di Stéfano.

AHe began his professional career as part of the Universidad de Deusto in 1946, before coming to Atletico de Madrid and signing for Real Madrid. He later played in Baracaldo (1948-1949), Alcoyano.1949-1950), at Real Sociedad (1950) and finally at Atletico and Real Madrid.

Alcoy City Council showed the pain of death Former football player from Alcoyano.