Madrid has been declared the champion of the European Super Cup. Despite the new additions, Ancelotti wanted to reward the 11 players who started in the final. Champions They have restored the trust placed in and against Liverpool.

After a somewhat painful first episode, Madrid managed to unleash the light. Made a corner kick that went through their heads Benzema Y Casemiro Before finishing in Alaba pushing the ball behind the net.

After the goal, the white team dominated with the ability to pay. Already in the second act, vinicius He found Benzema to end the game with a move they both knew by heart.

8- Thibaut Courtois


Eintracht hardly bothered Real Madrid’s goal, but Courtois settled all opponents’ approaches with solvency. There are things that never change, and the Belgian’s feeling of being invincible is one of them.

6- Karvajal


Less demand on defense, less generosity on offense. The Spanish international match went smoothly.

8- Eder Milita


A few butts to the Brazil game. He and Alaba formed a duo that didn’t even let air through.

8- David Alaba


He is strong both in his field and in reverse. Defense, insurance. On offense, the architect of the opening goal of the final.

7- Ferland Mendy


Sometimes appearances can be deceiving. From the outside it may seem like he is going to make a mistake, but everything is under his control. He gave the impression of getting into a mess on a defensive level a few times, but managed to sort it out with a ‘deli’. Borré and Lindstrom confirm this.

6- Luke Modric


Years pass for the Croatian. Rather than losing strength as the minutes passed, he improved in the second half.

8- Kasamiro


The Brazilian is back with renewed vigor. It was his assist that opened the rim of the match and only the crossbar could deprive him of goal.

7- Toni Kroos


The German did not hesitate as he took control of the match. Able to adapt the rhythm to the needs of the team

7- Fed Valverde


If Real Madrid’s big unknown is on the right, the Uruguayan is doing his best to clean it up. He wore his overalls in the service of the team, always being careful to help.

8- Karim Benzema


It wasn’t the biggest danger generator, but it didn’t need it either. He took advantage of a wonderful service from Vinicius to score the goal for the second time from his private locker.

7- Vinicius Jr.


He was less intelligent than at other events, but carried the team’s offensive weight before the opening goal. He had scored in his boots, but Tuta let him down with an excellent opening on the lime line. He assisted Benzema on the second goal of the game.

6- Rodrygo Goes


The game came out solved, but the first ball he touched shook the entire German defense. Confidence booster.

5- Eduardo Camavinga


He went in to rest Valverde and played the last quarter of an hour.

SC – Dani Ceballos


While his future was being decided, Ancelotti gave him five minutes to win his first title of the season.

SC – Antonio Rudiger,


He had the last five minutes to debut on the white rubber.

SC – Tchouameni


He entered with Rüdiger. The beginning of the testimony.