his arrival Roger Marti left the youth team Murad as the fifth striker in the team Elche CFat the cost of getting it back Lucas Boy. The Spanish-Moroccan stood out a lot in the pre-season and dreamed of having the opportunity to stay in the first team. He’s been losing some of that illusion lately, and he’s seeing it more and more complicated.

One time Ezekiel Ponce overcame muscle problems, Argentinian was the first choice francisco. Next to Ponce is Roger Martí now. According to them we should join as more specific forwards. Peter Milla. if he gets better Lucas BoyMurad would have no choice but to play. Even the Franchiverde establishment doesn’t rule out the arrival of a new striker at the last minute if Boyé doesn’t respond well to his recovery plan and eventually has to have surgery.

Faced with this situation Moroccan Hispanic, Elche club and its representatives difficult dilemma.

The idea for the club is to extend his contract by one year and look for a transfer in the First RFEF or Second Division. Practically, all the leading teams of the First RFEF called the footballer’s managers to inquire about his status.. Currently, there are none from the Second Division.

to them 24 yearsAt least, Mourad wants to make the leap into the silver category. For this, according to sources close to the player, there would be more possibilities with the letter of liberty in his pocket.

Replay what happened last season, when his contract expired and Elche extended him a campaign and loaned him. AlcoyanAccording to the same sources, the one who took over almost all of his file thinks that this is a phase long past and should not be repeated.

Monday meeting

A meeting with the striker representatives is scheduled for this week. Former president of Valencia and former delegate of the Spanish team, Pedro Cortes; Y Antonio Alfaro. Due to scheduling issues at the Elche club, it was postponed to Monday, which appears to be an important day for Mourad’s future.

Elche plans to maintain the position of prolonging the attacker’s relationship one more time and seek a new loan for him, preferably in the Second Division.

The player’s representatives, on the other hand, want the Elche club to give him an opportunity to stay in the A team and become a striker with the effort of the person trying to win the position. And if they did not have minutes, they would already look for an outlet on the winter market.

Otherwise Hispanic-Moroccan agentsget your freedom letter and look for another team from there. Under these circumstances, it may be more appropriate to find him in Chapter Two. And if it doesn’t, the RFEF First team with promotion goals won’t be missing.

The solution is complex and all these approaches are expected to be discussed on Monday. Murad He came to the Elche subsidiary from Orihuela four seasons ago.. After a campaign in Ilicitano where he had the opportunity to debut with the first team, he was on loan with Alcoyano, where he was a key player for Vicente for the past two seasons. This course seemed like a surefire way to splash out on Elche, but it’s more complex and more so in League One.