A statue parodying Putin in New York has become the object of persecution

french artist james colmina He erected an unauthorized statue in New York this week to denounce the Russian president, Vladimir Putinand it was fast object of persecutionHe told Efe this Friday.

Colomina put the head in a small toy tank On a playground in Central Park, and New Yorkers’ reaction to the figure of Putin was “kicks and punches and sand punches in the face,” he explained in an email.

“The statue did not go unnoticed! That’s what I like when there’s real interaction,” said the French woman, who painted the fictional Putin all red, a common compliment on her sculptures.

The artist described the work as “a sculpture intended to denounce the absurdity of war and the courage of children in the face of violent and catastrophic situations that they did not trigger”.

The statue was in Manhattan’s lung only August 2, because Colomina had to remove it because “it was no longer presentable” and the toy ball the president was standing on looked broken.

Also in Barcelona

Colomina exhibited the same statue in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris as she did in New York and Joan Miró Park in the city of Barcelona.

He explained that the lack of official permissions to make these installations caused the artist “to have some problems with the authorities”.

“It’s kind of like a game of cat and mouse.you must go unnoticed,” he explained.

Source: Informacion


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