Logic doesn’t work with Max Verstappen. Not even in Ferrari. In Hungary, this weekend, Everything doubled for Scuderia and it’s a very problematic race for the Red Bull leader, who started tenth on the grid after his car’s endurance failure in the third quarter on Saturday. But the truth is that the Dutch driver knew better than anyone how to read the race in the Hungaroring and won a victory. eighth of the season for him, Might be worth the championship. With nine races left after the summer break, ‘Mad Max’s lead in the championship continues to grow. There are already 80 points with Leclerc.

Verstappen takes the podium Accompanied again by Hamilton and Russell, as in France last week. to Sainz marked with two very slow stops, the podium escaped him and Leclerc finished sixth, again denounced for a lousy Ferrari strategy. Fernando Alonso didn’t have an easy race either. Rain did not appear until the end and the Spaniard had to settle for eighth place ahead of Ocon.

Russell is resisting

The race began under the threat of a storm that had not yet happened, and allowed to start with slick tires. The Ferrari men preferred the medium compound, while Russell preferred the soft one to maintain his pole position advantage. There was only one slogan for Sainz and Leclerc in the Scudería: no touching. Carlos and his teammate started well, but the Mercedes driver defended himself deftly and managed to get a few meters ahead.

Back, Norris retained fourth place Hamilton managed to climb two rows (5th) at the expense of the Alps, while Ocon challenged Fernando Alonso and the Red Bulls, who swapped engines with impunity before the race. they started their comeback from the middle of the grid.

After playing in the worst division of the season, Verstappen and Pérez started 10th and 11th respectively, but They were behind Hamilton in less than 10 laps, with Verstappen launching a seven-time British champion and a massive drop-off attack on Norris. Lewis resisted the initial attack and Max and Checo overtook the McLaren like an ‘airplane’.

Slow save for Sainz

Russell’s soft tires said ‘enough’ and Leclerc asked Sainz to increase his speed to account for the Englishman. had to anticipate To cover up a possible ‘undercut’ of Ferrari. Sainz pits passed one lap after another slow pit stop He returned from Maranello to the track behind a Mercedes and an Ocon slowing him down.

Leclerc’s stop was a second faster than Sainz’s, and Monegasque took the position from Carlos, while Russell regained the lead in the race chased by the Ferraris, Verstappen already “flying” in fourth place.

Ocon and Alonso got into a ridiculous fight that Ricciardo took advantage of to get them behind. ‘Bad deal’ for French team Considering that Alpine and McLaren are fighting for fourth place in the World Championship.

‘Deadly’ chase

Leclerc set the bar high, following Russell relentlessly. The British resisted heroically in the DRS zones, but eventually ‘suicidal’ failed to save transition Outside of Turn 1 of the Hungaroring, the Monegasque driver hardly has time to brake.

At that time, Sainz also threw himself onto Mercedes to find the long-awaited duo for Scuderia.but without missing an ambitious Verstappen who is already less than 5 seconds ahead and just 1 second behind Carlos.

The Verstappen strategy and the Ferrari debacle

Red Bull surprised with their strategy and threw an ‘undercut’ at Sainz. With a super effective pit stop (2.4) Verstappen won the position against Russell and forced Ferrar to reactI’m the one who chose to put the hard on Leclerc’s car at Max’s expense. The very aggressive championship leader made a mistake when he turned in the middle of the straight, but, protected by Pérez, he managed to save the situation and get back on the offensive, beating Leclerc with 25 laps left.

Sainz was still ahead, though he waited, as he looked up at the sky, knowing that rain might be his only chance. But another disastrous pit stop (4.6) Definitely weighed the man from Madrid. The poor tire selection in Leclerc’s box completed the fiasco for Ferrari, who once again wasted a golden opportunity, placing fourth for Sainz and sixth for Leclerc from an unlikely pair, clearly outstripping Verstappen and the two Mercedes of Hamitons. and increasing the gap with Russell and the championship leader.