A young woman in Palma is arrested for making a false report of kidnapping and rape

18 years old unfairly condemned what happened abducted and raped Palm. This was to justify his absence from the family home. The National Police learned that HeThe events he described were fictitious and he was arrested for contemplation of crime..

After a man allegedly received the complaint kidnapped a young woman, put her in a car to kidnap her for several days and raped her.. Investigators from the National Police Family and Women’s Unit (Ufam) took charge of the case.

First, The girl was taken to the hospital By a Citizens Security patrol of the National Police. He was then taken to the Police Station to file a related complaint..

Given the extreme seriousness of the accused cases,Ufam investigators intensified investigations to fully clarify the facts. Eventually, investigations determined that all was well. a simulation so that the young woman’s family does not scold her for not leaving the house for several days without explanation.

then the cops They arrested the young woman as the alleged perpetrator of a crime simulation crime. He was released on charges after his deposition.

Crime simulation is a crime in itself. Actually, Discovering fraudsters is a priority for the Police. Every hour spent on these investigations is taken away from the investigation of a true crime. In most cases, These false accusations create great social alarm.

Therefore, the National Police Experts in detecting these fictitious complaints. Moreover veripol computer program, warns with 90% reliability When a complaint can be fictitious.

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