this Murcian Carlos Alcaraz Garfia He qualified for the final of the Umag tournament, thus becoming the new number 4 in the world, a position only eight players have held in Spanish tennis history.. tennis player El Palmar lost to Italian Giulio Zeppieri (6-4, 4-6 and 6-3) in the match that lasted about three hours.A fact that caused the Roman to cramp and barely play from game six of the last set. Murcian also had physical problems, sprained his right ankle in the second set and needed to be treated by the health services, although he could continue with little difficulty.

first set

The Murcian tennis player did not feel comfortable for most of the first set.. Only at the beginning and at the end did he manage to impose his game on a Zeppieri who fought a lot more than expected. But at key moments, like when it had to recover three set points, Alcaraz settled the commitments with solvency. After recovering a timeout ball in game two, in game three one of El Palmar’s timed out for a fourth time. He then began combining his first serve, which had resisted him, to justify the ‘time out’ and place him 3-1. The Romans did not scatter, however, and nearly evened the match in game six, but with a magnificent backhand mid, Alcaraz saved the ball for a timeout and eventually added the point (4-2). At that moment, doubts began to creep into the game of number 5 in the world, who chained many necessary mistakes and lost his edge on the scoreboard by playing 40-0 (4-4) in game eight. It was the worst moment for Murcian, who was on the ropes in the tenth game. The Italian had three sets of balls. With a forehand and a climb to the net, he scored by saving two and then regained the essence of his game to break his opponent’s serve, regaining the advantage and closing the set with a serve after 1 (7-5). hour 21 minute intense game.

second set

Alcaraz got stuck in the second set and sprained his right ankle in the fifth game of the tournament, which needed to be treated by medical services. He didn’t seem to have physically hurt him, but he never felt comfortable, except in the eighth game he won, coming from El Palmar, leaving a Zeppieri who was growing up and getting his one-serve break empty. in the tenth game (4-6). This was the only time in the match where the disciple of Juan Carlos Ferrero, who did not take part in the tournament, could not save a dangerous situation, which was replaced by Antonio Martínez Cascales..

third set

At the beginning of the last set, when Alcaraz felt better, the team that started the set put more pressure on their opponent by giving a service break. He won the second with no difficulty with his serve, but on the third he took advantage of the first break point and took a 3-0 lead to an almost impenetrable distance. Zeppieri showed he was still alive when he regained some of the places he lost in game four. He managed to take a 3-1 lead with a timeout, balancing the forces by pointing his claws at a Murcian player who was also in doubt and lost the next match by a serve (3-3). However, the match resumed in the seventh game. Zeppieri began with severe cramps in his right leg due to physical wear and Alcaraz managed to get a service break (4-3) and regained the lead in the match. Murcian confirmed the time-out (5-3) against an Italian who could barely move and closed the match with another time-out (6-3), leaving his opponent empty.