Named five foods that kill kidneys

Doctors listed for publication Latest News Five foods that harm the kidneys.

According to experts, you should avoid salt in your diet to keep your kidneys healthy. It tires the body and causes deterioration in work.

Red meat can also negatively affect the kidneys due to poor absorption of animal proteins in the body. This makes it harder for the kidneys to work.

Doctors note that the abuse of milk also negatively affects the functioning of the kidneys. Phosphorus in dairy products causes “stress” to the kidneys.

Orange juice and orange can harm the body due to the high amount of potassium if not excreted from the blood. Bananas also contain a lot of potassium, which can negatively affect kidney health.

Earlier, general practitioner Viktor Lishin in an interview with said about what foods should be included in the diet for urolithiasis of the kidneys.

According to the expert, with diagnosed kidney stones or sand, it is better to adhere to a certain diet, you need to abandon fatty and excessively salty foods and add a small amount of beer to the diet.

Source: Gazeta


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