Sweden national handball coach suspended for bomb prank

The Swedish national handball coach was arrested at Copenhagen airport for a joke about a bomb being thrown into his trunk. This has been reported to express.

The incident occurred before the national team left for the World Championship among girls. During the examination, the national team coach was asked what was in his luggage, which he joked about the existence of the bomb. As a result, law enforcement had to block the airport and begin the evacuation of passengers.

The coach himself was arrested. The Swedish Handball Association said the specialist was suspended from work. The name of the coach was not disclosed.

“This person has been suspended from his position in the association until further notice. Such behavior is not normal,” said Swedish national team manager Hanna Vogelström.

At the end of February, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) issued an appeal to international sports federations, advising them not to allow domestic and Belarusian athletes to participate in any competitions. So Russian handball players will miss the World Cup.

Yevgeny Trefilov, former coach of the Russian national handball team Criticizes Anna Vyakhireva and Daria Dmitrieva for going to Europe.

Source: Gazeta


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