Agent Safonov on Dziuba: Premier League performance won’t drastically impact his ambitions

Football manager Safonov spoke about the employment prospects of striker Artem Dziuba.

“Maybe he will stay with Rubin or decide to end football altogether. In RPL, not everyone is ready to withdraw his contract, I think he knows his worth and expects to get around 2-2.5 million euros per season. I also do not rule out that he is ready to play for the Euro. Dzyuba proved everything to everyone long ago, so the performance in the First Division will not affect his ambitions much, ”says Safonov “Pair TV”.

In the 2021/22 season, Dzyuba scored 11 goals in 28 games, one of which was from a penalty. Rus also recorded seven assists in his asset.

He won his fourth title with Zenit last season and left the team at the end of the contract. So far, the striker has not found a club to continue his career. In mid-July, it became known that Dziuba remained in shape at the location of Rubin Kazan, who was relegated to the First Division (former Football National League) after last season’s results.

st. Former sports director of St. Petersburg “Zenith” Igor Korneev declarationDziuba’s chances of finding a job are dwindling.

Source: Gazeta


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