The manager of the outgoing tennis player Kasatkina urged the Russians to develop mentally.

Sofia Tartakova, representing the interests of Russia’s first racket, Daria Kasatkina, commented To go outside your client’s. Tartakova’s words are conveyed “Pair TV”.

“How can this interfere with a career? Does loving someone bother you? Should we fear the reaction of the Russian people? I think our audience should develop both spiritually and mentally. Thankfully, there are actors like Kasatkina who are not afraid and talk about herself very sincerely and humanely.”

Kasatkina is the winner of five WTA tournaments, the winner of the Billie Jean King Cup, the winner of a junior Grand Slam tournament in singles. In addition, the Russian tennis player is the third oldest racket in the world in the junior ranking. She won a silver medal in doubles at the 2014 Youth Olympics she.

Source: Gazeta


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