FT: EU urges member states to cut gas consumption immediately

The European Commission will propose to EU member states in the coming days to adopt targets for reducing gas consumption, which may become mandatory in the event of supply disruptions. Financial Times.

According to the publication, the EC will urge the states of the union to “immediately” reduce gas consumption, since without fuel economy in winter it may not be enough.

“Joint action now will be less disruptive and costly, fostering solidarity and helping to prevent the need for unplanned and uncoordinated action in a future gas depletion crisis,” says the draft document submitted to the FT.

Josep Borrell, former head of the EU diplomatic service declarationThe European Commission will evaluate the EU’s strategy on 20 July in case gas supplies from Russia are cut off. He announced this after the meeting of EU Foreign Ministers in Brussels.

According to him, the European Union is ready for an unexpected cut in supply.

He added that EU countries will not be able to handle the sanctions fatigue. Borrell expressed hope that the European Union will continue to support the imposed restrictions.

Source: Gazeta


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