Zagitova showed off her body in a tight dress 09:20

Olympic figure skating champion Alina Zagitova published new photos on her Telegram channel.

In the images, Zagitova poses in a short dress that fits her body perfectly.

On June 6, Zagitova admitted that she wants to try herself in the role of coach. On June 19, the figure skater defended her thesis. She received an excellent mark in her diploma on “Production and Cultural Policy”.

Zagitova became the Olympic champion in 2018. In addition to the gold medals at the Games, the athlete also has gold at the 2019 World Championships and gold and silver at the 2018 and 2019 European Championships. Zagitova is the only figure skater in Russian history to have won all the world figure skating titles on her own, and the second skater in world history after Kim Yong Ah to have won all the world figure skating titles. She took a break from her career in 2019, but never announced the end.

On July 1, the Olympic champion presented a poster for her first original ice show “Keepers of Time”, the premiere of which will take place in Kazan at the end of August. Details about the event are not yet known.

Previously Zagitova statedthis helps people.

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Source: Gazeta


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