Former Dinamo coach thinks Zenit’s failures are no coincidence 05/13/2024, 22:23

Former Dinamo head coach Sergei Silkin said that the blue-whites will be playing against Zenit St. He took advantage of his championship chance by maintaining his advantage against St. Petersburg. In the comments legal betting He noted that Zenit largely allowed this situation.

“As the season progressed, each gold medal contender had their own characteristics. Zenit started the championship badly, lost a lot of points, then regained its form and then lost it again. Now the St. Petersburg team is definitely out of form, hence the recent loss of points of the blue-white-blue team It is not a coincidence,” said Silkin.

The expert stated that this season the leaders have difficulty playing matches with the teams at the bottom of the rankings. He set the example of Dynamo’s victory over Zenit, which allowed Krasnodar to rise to first place, but the Bulls unexpectedly lost at home to Akhmat.

After 28 weeks, Dinamo is the leader in the Russian Premier League (RPL) rankings with 53 points. Zenit is in second place, two points behind, while Krasnodar is in the top three with 50 points.

Previously former actor Bulykin named Tyukavin is the best Dynamo football player.

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Source: Gazeta


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