Paula BadosaLosing to Simona Halep in the Round of 16 at Wimbledon this Monday, He demanded that the demands be dropped with him, assured that it was not so. Raphael Nadal neither will and in Spain people got used to the success of tennis players.

He played well, I played badly. i made many mistakes. Nobody likes to be in this situation, to be in the center of the last 16 at Wimbledon and only go for an hour before I can show my game. I’m as ‘shocked’ as you are. I tried to be more aggressive than in Madrid and failed more.. The last thing I want is to play against him again. After falling to Aleppo in just one hour of the match, Badosa explained at a press conference.

“You all know what I’ve been through in my life. The thing I have the most is mental strength. I don’t think that’s my weak spot. My weak point is experience. Play more with players like Simona Halep, learn to win when you play badly“.

With this result, Badosa’s top in the Majors continues to be the quarterfinals at Roland Garros last season.

“I don’t know what I don’t have (to thrive in Majors). I’ve won Indian Wells, which is like a Grand Slam, but the maximum count in Grand Slams is quarters. Very good but I want more. It may be very lacking, or it may be missing a little, I don’t know.”

about expectations, Badosa said that despite today, the balance has to be positive.

“My first year in the top 10, it should be positive, but I feel a lot of demand from the people behind it. You’re in week two and now the question is why you didn’t win and when did you lose. first week the question is why don’t you go to week two I’m not Rafa Nadal and I won’t be. We got spoiled in Spain. I hope I can do something similar to it one day, but I’d like it to be a little less demanding.‘ he assured.