The difference in attitudes towards football in Russia and Europe 04/15/2024, 22:42

Football manager Alexey Safonov talked about the difference in attitudes towards football in Russia and Europe. In comments legal betting He stated that the main issue in Russia is to achieve results at all costs.

He emphasized that the European mentality implies the concept of product. Beer is sold at the matches, club equipment is sold, and there is no crowd or conflict after the match. Safonov also emphasized the attitude of football players towards fans – if a player does not stop for an autograph, questions will come to him, Safonov noted. However, in Russian football, there are scandalous situations and discussions about refereeing after matches.

“The main thing in football in Russia is to achieve results at all costs. In Europe, children under the age of 12 only play football and their coaches always applaud them. Come to our children’s tournament and see what happens there. Parents shout: “Roll down, let’s get even harder.” Where? That guy over there is nine years old! At least teach the technique to beginners,” Safonov said.

In the current Russian Premier League (RPL), Zenit is the leader with 47 points after 23 weeks. While Krasnodar, which is in second place, is 4 points behind, Dinamo is in the top three with 38 points.

Previously Gazzaev statedThat Zenit has not yet won in the RPL.

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Source: Gazeta


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