USA announced that military support to Ukraine should be stopped 01:38

American Senator James David Vance said that the country should stop military aid to Ukraine and focus on domestic policy because Russia has an advantage over the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He said this in an interview with the TV channel. CNN.

“Currently the Russians have an advantage over the Ukrainians; The ratio of these bullets is five to one. Israelis need them. Taiwanese people need it. And of course America needs them. Will we be able to participate in all these conflicts at the same time? No, it just doesn’t make sense mathematically,” Vance said.

According to him, even if the United States increases military and financial support to Ukraine, this will not help significantly change the situation on the battlefield and stop hostilities.

John Kirby, formerly White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator statedThat the conflict in Ukraine is different from the situation around Israel and does not imply direct US participation in repelling air strikes.

Kirby reminded that US President Joe Biden made it clear from the very beginning of the conflict in Ukraine that American soldiers did not intend to participate in it. According to him, Washington sent airspace protection equipment to Ukraine. He expressed regret that the United States cannot do this now because a bill to finance foreign allies has been delayed in Congress.

Previously Medvedev stated About the possibility of a hundred-year war in the Middle East.

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Source: Gazeta


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