The former coach of the Russian national team about Malkin and Ovechkin: are they models? 15.04.2024, 23:42

Vladimir Plyushchev, former head coach of the Russian national team and former chief referee of the KHL, shared his views on the Stanley Cup match between Alexander Ovechkin’s Washington Capitals and Evgeni Malkin’s Pittsburgh. “Championship”.

“Who would I like more to win the Stanley Cup? Are they models or something to look at? The team always wins. And these guys colorfully add themselves and their talents to this team. What difference does it make who wins? – said Plyushchev.

Thanks to the victory against Tampa, Washington returned to eighth place in the Eastern Conference standings, meaning the team has now qualified for the playoffs. Capitals have 87 points; Same number as Detroit and Philadelphia.

Pittsburgh ranks 11th with 86 points. Rangers lead the tournament (112).

Ovechkin before at the expense of damage He saved the team in the game against Tampa.

What are you thinking?

Source: Gazeta


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