Messi repeated Ronaldo’s world success 20:40

As part of the Argentina national team, 2022 world champion Lionel Messi became the second person in history to gain 500 million subscribers on Instagram. As part of the Portuguese national team, Cristiano Ronaldo repeated the success of the 2016 European champion.

Currently, Ronaldo remains the most popular person on this social network: 623 million people follow him. He and Messi are behind celebrities such as singer Selena Gomez (430 million – third place), model Kylie Jenner (400 million – fourth place) and actor Dwayne Johnson (397 million – fifth place).

Talking about athletes, after Messi and Ronaldo, Indian cricketer Virat Kohli comes first with 251 million followers (16th overall).

If you only pay attention to football players, after Ronaldo and Messi, Brazilian striker Neymar is quite popular. It ranks 20th overall with 219 million subscribers.

It was like that before clarified The unique quality of Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Source: Gazeta


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