‘He needs to see a doctor’: Guberniev on Norwegian expert doubting Bolshunov’s victories 02:50

TV presenter Dmitry Guberniev critically evaluated the words of Norwegian journalist Petter Soleng Skinstad, who stated that the victories of Russian skier Alexander Bolshunov in the Russian starts were planned. His words guide the way “Sports Express”.

“A fool suspected this! But if a person is a fool, then why should we discuss this? He doubted that Bolshunov won honestly, and we can also doubt his mental state; apparently he needs to see a doctor in ward No. 6. Therefore, let him consult Norwegian psychiatrists ” said Guberniev.

Skinstad had previously said that Bolshunov’s victory in the Spartakiad was pre-planned. The skier won the 50 km classic marathon, classic sprint, skiathlon, time trial and freestyle team sprint races.

Bolshunov won the World Cup twice and won the Tour de Ski. At the Olympic Games in Beijing, the Russian won five medals, including three gold.

Bolshunov, like all Russian skiers, was suspended from participating in the last World Cup races and finished the 2021/22 season early, finishing second in the overall World Cup standings.

Previously in the Russian national team in the name The words of the Norwegian expert about Bolshunov are “fart”.

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Source: Gazeta


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