Tucker Carlson talked about how much Boris Johnson wanted to interview him 01:53

Journalist Tucker Carlson reported that former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked him for $1 million for an interview explaining his stance on the conflict in Ukraine. He talked about this in an interview with an American publication. Blaze Media.

After Johnson called Tucker “a tool of the Kremlin” in an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the journalist requested an interview with the former prime minister. Tucker was initially rejected, but Johnson’s advisors later put forward financial terms. According to them, the former prime minister agrees to interview Tucker, but for this the journalist must pay $1 million in gold or Bitcoin.

Tucker noted that the Russian leader did not ask for money for the interview and called Johnson a “slippery and unpleasant man” who was directly responsible for human suffering in the Ukraine conflict.

Previously British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak criticized Interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin with journalist Tucker Carlson.

Formerly Tucker Carlson said About the “Russian conspiracy theory”.

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Source: Gazeta


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