Malkin’s wife compared Tampa goalkeeper Vasilevsky to a cat

Anna Kasterova, wife of Pittsburgh Penguins forward Evgeni Malkin, played for the game. telegraph channel Russian goalkeeper “Tampa Bay Lightning” appreciated the game of Andrey Vasilevsky.

“Only Tampa has a cat, but Colorado doesn’t. A good cat is essential in the playoffs. In general, with an even match (for example, at the end of the 2nd period in 20/21 shooting and 2:5 on the scoreboard), the goalkeeper decides the game. Kumper did not help his team yesterday, and experienced Vasilevsky also did not disappoint, ”wrote Kasterova.

Recall that the score placed Andrei Vasilevsky first in the Conn Smythe Trophy contenders, the most valuable hockey player award in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

In the first game of the final series against Colorado Avalanche, the Russian goalkeeper conceded four goals, three of which were in the first period. Tampa lost 3-4. In the second match, the Russian missed seven goals and his team could not reach the opponent’s goal.

The next game between Tampa and Colorado will be played on June 23.

Remember Igor Shesterkin, the Russian goalkeeper of the New York Rangers today Received the “Vezina Cup” Award for best goalkeeper in the National Hockey League (NHL).

Source: Gazeta


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