Raw cuttlefish: Vicky Sevilla’s stew for both winter and summer

Raw cuttlefish curry. This is the traditional Valencian stew made by chef Vicky Sevilla (Quart de les Valls, 1992), Youngest woman to earn a Michelin Star in Spain, reinterprets in his restaurant Sagunto ArrelsA recipe with cuttlefish jelly to enhance its flavor with a fresh curry garnished with sprouts, oyster leaves, and spinach alioli.

“An invention that emerged during the pandemic. I changed the menu seven times when they first closed us, and when it closed again in January, I made a casserole that could be eaten in winter and summer if it lasts until summer,” explains Sevilla, their 16th belt. Some stables of the Palace of the Dukes of Gaeta who is hosting your business now.

Space for 25 people, because Vicky Sevilla decided that the restaurant wouldn’t ring all the time in the world. What matters is your family and friends, therefore it is open for lunch from Tuesday to Saturday and for dinner from Thursday to Saturday. “Working in a restaurant is very difficult. Here you burn yourself, cut yourself and experience stress all the time,” emphasizes the young cook, “but at the same time it is. making people happy is very rewarding” In a speech edited by Cervezas 1906, he clarifies the Imperfectxs cycle.

The entire menu of Vicky Sevilla, the products of their land, their roots (located in Valencia) to the memory and flavors of his childhood when the citrus fruits of Valencia shine.

Arreller Open since 2017 and got its first mention in the Michelin Guide in 2019, in this case with the Bib Gourmand seal. Five years, confirmed by the Michelin star that fills the dining room.

There are three menus, Llavor (short), Saba (middle) and Arrels (long). The bill is between 48 and 89 euros excluding pairings.

In a master class titled ‘By the power of talent’, Sevilla took the stick from colleagues who had taken part in previous talks, diego warrior (Zero waste), pepe overtake (Collaborative Kitchen) and angel lion (Sea Garden).

As she has told many times, Vicky Sevilla dropped out of high school – like many other teenagers, she was not sure of her course even though she was interested in the arts – and as she said, accidentally ‘stumbled upon’ the kitchenAfter the trip to Formentera, which made him discover the culinary profession. He started working in a restaurant and “it all started here.” this effort and sacrifice they received their awards at this first stage. A year later he was in charge of the cold room, “not because he’s smarter, an attitude questioninvoice.

Returning to his homeland, he continued his education, assimilating everything he could under the orders of Susi Díaz (La Finca, Elche) or the prestigious chiefs of the Valencian Community. Begoña Rodrigo (La Salita, Valencia); He sees the latter as his teacher and mentor, both gastronomically and personally, “a mirror, an inspiration to look at myself”.

Vicky Sevilla during her talk at Arrels.

Women and young entrepreneurs

“The most difficult” He opened his own restaurant, Arrels, located in the historic center of Sagunto, near his hometown. Young entrepreneurs had to overcome major challenges to secure the finance they faced. “It will work because it’s up to you and you know it. But they don’t”, account, about the reluctance of the bank to give him a loan for business. The first year was very difficult. But perseverance, desire and very clear ideashis name soon began to resonate in the gastronomic panorama of Valencia.

Just a year after the restaurant’s opening, Vicky was named Young Word of the Valencian Community, an award given by the ‘Diario Levante’. In 2019, Arrels entered the Michelin Guide in the Bib Gourmand category; In 2020, Vicky was nominated for the Revelation Chef award at Madrid Fusión, and the same year Repsol Guide gave Arrels his first Sol Repsol. Y Received its first Michelin star in December 2021Recognition that contributed to the attraction of Arrels and its reputation as a restaurant the reference of the signature cuisine with a traditional base and quality products.

Vicky Sevilla so Youngest woman to achieve a Michelin star in SpainA feat achieved through talent. It has been suggested that once you get the star, you can sometimes stop spending time with your loved ones by continuing to nurture your dream, your project. and then decided putting people’s needs first: family reconciliation and working for a living (not vice versa) placed in the center of Arrels and they decided closed on sundays although it is the day of the week when more bills are issuedso that both Vicky and the rest of the team can enjoy the family, it’s “invaluable” to her, she concludes.

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