The mother of the ex-player of the Russian national team Arshavin sued his ex-wife for 2 million rubles

Tatyana Arshavin, mother of Andrey Arshavin, former football player of the Russian national team and London Arsenal, filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife Alice for about 2 million rubles.

“St. Petersburg City Court considered a civil suit brought by Tatyana Arshavina against Alisa Arshavina on appeal. The city court overturned the district court’s decision, settled the claims, ”says St. Petersburg city court DEA News”.

For a long time the ex-wife of the football player lived in the apartment of the mother of Arshavin. Despite the court decision, he did not leave any private property.

Last fall, a Moscow court rejected Tatyana Arshavina’s request for 2 million rubles, and now the appeal has been accepted.

Recall that in September 2016, Arshavin, after several years of relationship, married journalist Alisa Kazmina. In 2017, the couple had a daughter, Alice. A few months later she learned about the divorce, but the couple was able to reconcile. In 2019, Kazmina announced her divorce due to Arshavin’s numerous betrayals.

Earlier, it was reported that the former player of Khimki Pavel Mamaev is by court order. He will give 1/6 of the income to take care of his daughter.

Source: Gazeta


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