Twenty detainees in the “macro operation” of the Narcolanchas

blows drug trafficking they are in Galicia. And this time it happened a macro operation led by a court Vigo, which yesterday gave rise to a giant device that was the scenario of Vigo and its environs, as well as other points where more calls were made in Galicia, the rest of Spain and even Portugal. In total, the number of detainees across the country waiting to close the final borders is around twenty, according to sources close to the case. this drug trafficking and the activities of narco-lanchas in particular are the focus of this investigation. followed by the alleged commission crimes against public healthsmuggling and criminal organization. In the maritime sector, a company dedicated to the manufacture of boats located on a shooting range in the municipality of Porriñés was undoubtedly one of the focal points of police activity on the day of the marathon yesterday.

The 8th Investigation Court of Vigo manages this operation, in which an investigation was carried out before. Detention and searches were carried out simultaneously at the Istanbul Courthouse yesterday morning. vigo -where two house calls were made-, porrino Y data. In addition to Galicia, the operation was also deployed Andalusia, Catalonia Y Toledo, as in Portugal. The operation was still open late yesterday morning and there was still no firm and official balance regarding the number of detainees, as the Galician Supreme Court of Justice (TSXG) reported. However, other sources stated 9 arrests made in and around Vigo and in all of Spain the figure was around twenty. In addition, as a result of the searches, the agencies found a large number of boats at different stages of construction. In the neighboring country, Portugal, the device was developed in collaboration with Policia Judiciária, Focused on Valença do MinhoInspection of ships dedicated to the manufacture of speedboats to be used to collect drug pills on the high seas.

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At the police level, the device was managed by the Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Team (EDOA) of the Pontevedra Civil Guard Command, which were agents with the collaboration of members of other factions of the Armed Institute. Some sources consulted, transfer of detainees to court In the court of Vigo, who carried out the transaction, although there is no definite estimate on this subject yet, it will most likely be made tomorrow. Everything points to the fact that some of those arrested will be released anyway at the police station, until they are called before the judge in the case in the near future, in any case.

In addition to drug trafficking activity, This operation put a magnifying glass on the manufacture and sale of boats to be used in drug smuggling.. And there are already several devices focused on this activity in Galicia this year. In April, a network developing high-speed boats was deployed to promote cannabis in Spain via the Strait of Gibraltar. Then the National Police and Civil Guard arrested 18 people, as well as drug traffickers. More recently, under the direction of a court in Cangas, A new device has been deployed on Arousa in connection with the failed launch of a glider over Vilaboa.

Supreme confirms that a civilian guard who gave “tips” to drug dealers left his service

“For at least six months, he sabotaged the investigative work of the Galician Civil Guard Organized Crime Team (ECO), of which he was a member, and put his colleagues and confidants of that team at serious risk. It is hard to imagine greater harm being done to the Civil Guard as a State security agency in the prosecution of crime. “The serious damage to the administration could not have been more obvious.” This is how the Supreme Court has declared itself so powerful. A sentence in which he endorsed the Department of Defense decision imposing a disciplinary sanction of suspension from duty to one of the two civilian rangers convicted of giving “tips” to drug dealers..

Agent, Sentenced to 3 years in 2018 in Pontevedra for these facts deployed in ECO Galicia when it received relevant information from different anti-drug operations The other convicted civilian continues to provide for the bodyguard, which filters it out. Because of these serious realities, the ministry imposed the highest sanction on the agent, the dismissal. The convict appealed against this administrative decision for commutation, and now the Supreme Military Division rejects his appeal and upholds the Defense decision in January 2021, after the sentence for these “whispers” became final. The behavior shown by the agent was completely “incompatible” with the military situation, and in particular with that of a Civil Guard member, the judges said. Leaks disappoint “course of secret forensic investigations into drug trafficking”preventing the surveillance of those under investigation “or preventing their arrest”.

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