“Only the gold medal mattered”: Trusova about the Games and romance with Kondratyuk

About the Olympics

The Olympic Games in Beijing were remembered by fans of figure skating for great drama and dashed hopes – due to the pressure after the doping scandal, the star of the Russian national team Kamila Valieva could not cope with her nerves and lost her personal tournament medal, and Anna, who won the gold medal about the silver medalist Alexandra Trusova More has been said than Shcherbakova.

Being in the group of Eteri Tutberidze even in the open skating of the national team at the beginning of the season, Trusova announced an incredibly high bar – five quadruple jumps in a free program. No woman had done this before him. However, for most of the season, the skater was unable to complete all of the declared jump content, Trusova was able to collect and land all five jumps at the right time in four rounds – at the Games in Beijing. However, this was not enough for the gold medal.

“Records are always important to me.

But this medal, which I thought I deserved with my performance, was important to me. This is the medal. I don’t regret the other medals I didn’t get because of my skates. I tried in Beijing, I achieved my goal.

And only this medal was important to me (gold – socialbites.ca), ”Trusova said in an interview with Sport24.

After all the results were clear, Trusova had a tantrum, which went on the air – she cried, saying that everyone had a gold medal, but promised that she did not take it and would never go to the ice again. A few months later, she admitted she had a nervous breakdown at the Olympics. In an interview, she shared that she asked him not to shoot her at that moment, she wanted to leave but she wasn’t even allowed to go to the locker room. At the same time, the skater stressed that she does not regret such a surge of emotions.

“I don’t regret it. I cried once at the Russian Championships. After that, the fans asked me not to cry anymore because they cry themselves. Since then, regardless of the performances, I tried to hide my feelings, keep smiling, not showing anything. But at the Olympics it was beyond my abilities. And the help I couldn’t.

I asked him not to shoot me, I wanted to leave from there and asked. But I was not even allowed to leave this room and enter the dressing room. Only on the ice, for the prizes. And that’s it. But cameras were everywhere. I tried to leave this room, to go anywhere.

I tried to leave when other skaters asked me to interview while skating. But I had nowhere to go. I just couldn’t go. Of course, I wasn’t going to cry in public. It happened because there was no place to go.

I didn’t want it to be filmed and I asked them not to. But what happened, it happened, ”Trusova shared.

The athlete said that he often reviews his successful programs and free skating, also at the Olympic Games, because later he managed to do everything he wanted on the ice. At the same time, Trusova noted that she expected more excitement from him, as with other startups.

“I think about what’s on my mind before I rent. I remember not worrying. At least not as usual. I don’t know how I eventually adapted to the lease. I can’t imagine now how I did it then. How did you manage to do everything on time?

Before that, I said to myself in every tournament: “This is not the Olympics. These competitions are every year. Nothing bad is happening right now.” And then the Olympics itself happened … And everything is different, ”she admitted.

After the short program, the skater took fourth place. He lost not only to Valieva and Shcherbakova, but also to Japanese Kaori Sakamoto. During the lease, Trusova fell from the triple axle, a jump with which she had long “fighted” and had not been able to jump until now. Talking about the complexity of the ultra-c elements, the figure skater explained why quad jumps in three and a half turns were easier for her than an Axel.

“Someone has a difficult lutz. And for me it’s the opposite – I can jump smoothly whenever I want because it’s convenient for me. I don’t have that on my axel. It’s hard for me because you have to control the body a lot to get it right. It’s necessary because I worry in competitions “In these other tournaments, I can’t say anything about the Olympics because I wasn’t worried,” he said.

About relations with Mark Kondratyuk

Rumors about Trusova’s romance with the champion of Russia and Europe, as well as Mark Kondratyuk, who won the Olympic gold medal in the team tournament, surfaced this spring. Fans suspected the couple of a romantic relationship, but this was only confirmed in May, when both athletes went on vacation to Dubai with Valieva and another Tutberidze student, Maurice Kvitelashvili. The couple was caught together on the beach – pictures appeared on the network in which Trusova and Kondratyuk hold hands. For a long time they did not open and hide anything, soon joint photos with the expression “heart” appeared on the accounts of the skaters.

“We were photographed first. Of course we wouldn’t hide it, but we were photographed every time we walked together. Then we published our photos. It wasn’t great. I dont like it. It turned out that we can’t normally walk quietly because of the constant photos. This is so weird. That’s why we decided to publish it. Moreover, the photos are beautiful, ”said the skater.

Trusova added that she saw all the news on social networks about their love, but this was not very pleasant for her.

“It’s weird and not very nice. But when people ask for a photo with Mark and me, we don’t say no. Even on vacation. We get close in other countries as well. I think my hair plays a role here,” she said.

However, the figure skater did not say how long they were together with Kondratyuk and noted that everyone has enough information about their dating.

About life off the track

In early April, a video appeared on social networks in which Trusova danced on the strips – platform shoes and high heels. She admitted that she always wanted to frame the ribbon—it’s kind of ribbon. She closely followed the new Dances program and even supported one of the teams, Agny, she.

“I watched them for a massage once. The team comes out, announces its creator, Nastya Yurasova, and the masseuse says: “I know her, I know her.” They were together in some camps. I asked if he could work with me. She found the phone, asked, and it turned out that Nastya in general created this style.

He does not give individual lessons, but has agreed to work with me as an exception.

I practiced two or three times a week for a month and then posted this video. But he says it’s not quite the choreography yet, it’s a set of fundamental elements that we put into the music,” he said.

And in the summer, Trusova managed to try herself in a new sport and make her debut at Athletics Week, an event organized by the Moscow City Ministry of Sports and the All-Russian Athletic Federation (ARAF). The figure skater tried herself in the long jump. He had a total of four tries and jumped better and better each time. The first attempt – 3.80 m, the second – 3.94 m, the third – 4.10 m, and the last time the skater set a personal record – 4.19 m. With this result, he took the last sixth place, as he competed with the professionals. in the long jump.

“I said in an interview that I wanted to try and was invited to the tournament. I don’t know why it caused such a mess. Everyone writes something … I do not understand why this is so, ”Trusova admitted.

Alexandra Trusova, a silver medalist at the Beijing Olympics, said she deserved the gold medal after doing five quads in a freestyle program. The skater also explained why she and Mark Kondartyuk decided to tell the public about their romance, why the triple axle was more difficult for her than the quadruples, and also why she took one of the variants of the strip.

Source: Gazeta


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