In today’s football, it is getting harder for a player to be in the same club for many years in a row. And what’s more, if that team is taking even more steps from Division Two B or Division Two to Division One. Normally the templates are refreshed especially when several seasons are collected in the highest category and assets are merged in League One.

There are three players in Elche who have the honor of wearing the franciverde jersey for five years. They have shown that they are valid in Second B, Second, and First. there is Gonzalo Verdu, Josán Ferrandez and Fidel Chaveswill complete their sixth year at Elche next season. Verdú and Josán will remain the only survivors from the team stuck in the mud of Segunda B. Fidel took part in two stages at the Elche club, giving the best performance in this second.

Headquartered in Cartagena, landed at Martínez Valero on June 20, 2017 -she turns five tomorrow – and was announced as the first signing to try to break out of the well of the third Spanish football category that Elche fell into. The sports director at the time, Jorge Cordero, was ahead of many teams and hired the defender to be the cornerstone of the project.

Gonzalo Verdu He fulfilled his dream of playing in professional football and, above all, in the First Division with the Elche team.. He is the team captain and acts as such on and off the field. The opportunity to reach the elite after so many years in Second B came late, but he showed his ability to be in the top spot. He got two promotions: one for Second Place, the other for First Place and will be among the best again next season.

“At the football level, Elche is everything to me. I can barely remember when I wasn’t here. I only have memories of when I arrived, These were the best years of my career and the best is yet to come.», he assured, recently in an interview with the official channels of the franjiverde establishment.

Central Cartagena guaranteed this. “I never imagined” that things could turn out so well for him. “The dream of making it to the Premier League is never unstoppable because you always aim for the maximum, but I don’t think I ever dreamed of being where we are, even in the best-case scenarios. With the club’s points record in the Primera, the Centenario season is at its peak and with two consecutive stays. It is the result of the good work we have done.”

Verdú turns 33 in October, has a contract for next season and he has always stated that his wish was to retire in green tassels.

Josan Ferrández has a parallel career with Gonzalo Verdú. He also reached the franciverde establishment where he was hunting in Second B. It was on December 30, 2017, after three promotions to runner-up, but he had hardly played in the silver category. Crevillentino saw how his career took a qualitative leap and was able to fulfill his dream of playing in the First Division for his hometown team.

Everything has been successful since he arrived. Promote to Second, Promote to First and stay twice in elite. “Elche is the club that gave me everything. Go to First. In the end, everything is positive, what does that word produce in you,” he said.

Josh remembers this “We’ve come at a difficult time for the club and it’s incredible to think of everything that has been achieved so far.».

The Crevillent football player recalls an anecdote: “The first year we came in second place and we got away with ease, my wife told me to imagine going to First place next year and I said it was almost impossible, she got the team to win the championship first. To get into that category. Now it is a bit far but a reflection that with desire and effort anything can be achieved.

Josan has been renewed for one season and will complete his third year in the highest category. He will turn 33 in December and he has no doubt that he can still add a lot.

They were able to go to Hercules

Gonzalo Verdú and Josan’s sporting lives could have changed radically if they hadn’t signed for Elche. Then, They were two football players wanted by Hercules.. Even the Herculaneum sports director at the time, Javier PortilloThe center was angry at the Cartagena representative for loving him and took him to the Elche club.

In the winter market of the 2017-2018 season with Josan, Hércules and Elche, both in Second B, were looking for a winger in the winter market. His representative was also the agent. josefran and they both wanted to leave Albacete. Eventually, Crevillentino ended up in the presence of Franciverde and Santapolero in Hercules. Their trajectory and the trajectory of their team were completely opposite.

From youth to experience

The third player to have been at Elche club for five years is Fidel Chaves, but in his case, in two stages. He was part of the Elche of records rising to First Place in the 2012-2013 season.. He played the first season in the highest category, but left in the second season.

He came back as the prodigal son three years ago and hasn’t stopped accumulating successes ever since. Promotion to the Major League and two stays. It has made an undisputed debut in recent years and has become one of the most beloved by fans.

He has been renewed for two campaigns and his contract expires in 2024. He will do this at the age of 34 and wants to establish his residence on the land of Elche..