a release date Luis Enrique especially since the election suffices to say that the Spaniard, above all, had a good relationship with him. Luis Rubiales when asked about his future, but does not finish confirming his renewal with his coach. Spain.

The Spaniard has always made it clear that his priority is to lead the team. Qatar World Cup, It will be held between Monday, November 21, 2022 and Sunday, December 18. but to be World Cup passed in the middle of the season, which complicates the intentions Luis Enrique Training a club had to wait for vacancies to remain, as he would be released mid-season. Not funny for the technician.

free in summer

However, a few months later, between 14 and 18 June, last four between Nations League, Which Spain, as the current first classification of his group, would have the right to go. the idea of Luis Enriqueas you learned Newspaper, A member of the Prensa Ibérica group, the newspaper and this media will remain in the coaching position until then to try to get the team back to the Final Four, something that would make him the first pick to be repeated. Two times in a row among the top four players in the tournament. And after that, it will be released in June, with the summer ahead of us.

The Asturian would bid farewell to his second stage with the national team as the summer market opened, and this would ensure he would have options to train at a club should he want to return to the daily bench. . Or, if you want, get permission. more comfortable delivery dates for spanish Football Federation, after this dispute Nations League there would be time to seek relief Luis Enrique before the next classification European championship and the next World Cup cycle.

The Asturian coach, who played in 40 matches in two stages as a coach and lost 23 of them (67.5% of the losses) with 12 draws and five losses, 83 shirts and 31 losses, is a very valuable coach. interest in the market and the clubs themselves premierbetween A series Italian and even Bayern Munich.

Marcelino, favorite

If Luis Enrique confirms he will leave in the summer, rubiales He will have to find a replacement for the Spaniard. One of the most admired coaches of the RFEF president and sports director, José Francisco Molina this Marcelino Garcia Toral’s photo.. Technician who was released after leaving athletic, in the middle of the selection process, which he does not want to be involved in. The Spaniard has made it clear that Spain is a priority for him: “Being a coach is the greatest pride I can achieve as a coach”. And now that Luis Enrique has set a departure date, García Toral sounds strong.