Fetisov offered to steal the Stanley Cup

Two-time Olympic champion Vyacheslav Fetisov reacted to the decisions of the National Hockey League (NHL) leadership not to bring the Stanley Cup to Russia this season.

“You may be angry, but if the decision is made, they should understand. Maybe the only thing is to steal it somehow, to bring it in secret. I once suggested that it should be played for the promotion of the Stanley Cup. When I brought them to Moscow, I said that they were first happy and then scared. We kept the trophy in Lubyanka, on the conditions. was one, ‚ÄĚsays Fetisov “Pair TV”.

Recall that on June 16, Colorado and Tampa Bay Lightning played the first game of the final series. The victory was won by Avalanche, and the team’s Russian striker Valery Nichushkin made one goal and one assist. Three Russians play simultaneously in Tampa. They are goalkeeper Andrey Vasilevsky, defender Mikhail Sergachev and striker Nikita Kucherov. They won the Stanley Cup twice with this team.

The next game between the teams will be played on June 19 in Denver.

By Mikhail Sergachev Scores points in Stanley Cup with Fetisov and Kovalchuk.

Source: Gazeta


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