A member of the jury participating in the competition defamation lawsuit between heard amber Y Johnny Depp She described her tears as “crocodile tears” because she thought the actress’ testimony was unconvincing.

ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ aired an unidentified interview with the juror, five men and two women, this Thursday.

Her crying, her facial expressions, the way she looked at the jury… we all felt very uncomfortable.The source said it was about Heard’s statement, which lasted for days and was broadcast live on the Internet.

The man criticized the actor “she was able to answer a question by crying and was back to icy cold two seconds later”.

“Some of us use the phrase ‘crocodile tears,'” he said when talking about the negotiations between the seven jurors.

Regarding cross-charges of abuse and violence, the interviewee believed that: “Both abused each other”however, he defended an article about the actor’s unnamed domestic abuse that the jury arrived at and that Heard forced Depp to pay more than $10 million for defaming him.

Neither was more true than the other. But at the levels he was talking about, there wasn’t enough evidence to prove what he was saying.”

This source ruled out that the judges were more inclined to support Depp because he was more famous: “None of us were really followers of one or the other”.

And thanks to the action of his fans, he denied that public opinion on social networks influenced the decision in Depp’s favor: “We’re just watching the evidence, we’re not looking at anything external. There were very serious accusations, and there were lots of money, so we don’t take it lightly,” he said.

television interview

This week, another television network, NBC, is broadcasting excerpts from an interview with Heard that it hasn’t confirmed whether it will appeal the verdict but says it believes the jury was impressed.

“How could they not come to that conclusion! For more than three weeks, they sat and listened non-stop to nonstop testimonials from paid employees. and random people towards the end of the trial,” the actress said.

“I don’t blame them. I actually understand them,” he said of the jurors.

“He’s a very popular character and people think they know him. He’s a great actor,” added Depp.

In his first lawsuit, Depp demanded $50 million for a 2018 article in The Washington Post in which Heard claimed that the actor was a victim of domestic abuse without revealing his name.

After the oral hearing, the jury Depp should pay 10 million in damages and another 5 million in fineshowever, Fairfax County Judge (Virginia, USA), Penney Azcarate reduced that final amount to $350,000.

In fact, Heard won’t have to pay those 10 million in full, as the jury concludes that Depp’s ex-attorney must pay his ex-wife $2 million for a comment deemed insulting to Heard.