UD Las Palmas beat Villarreal this Saturday (3-0) with Kirian Rodríguez’s double. Goal by debutant defender Juanma HerzogA clash of maximum effectiveness for the Gran Canaria team against a blurred opponent exacerbates the results crisis.

Kirian opened his account in the 8th minute with minimal local advantage in the first half, and in the second half Juanma Herzog directs the corner kickand Kirian once again completed the counter-attack to complete a resounding victory for the island team, their biggest of the season and on their way to permanence.

The Gran Canaria team had a calm start due to the laziness of their opponent who barely put pressure on the owner of the ball This is how the islanders’ first goal cameIn the 8th minute, a combination between Moleiro and Kirian was resolved unchallenged by the yellow captain with a shot from mid-height that had eight Villarreal players buried in his area.

To arrange ‘Groguet’ paid the price for a cold start to the game in the first period He went from less to more with a chance to equalize the score.

Morales shot wide when he entered the penalty area in the 21st minute; Parejo’s shot hit the crossbar in the 35th minute lack; and Gerard Moreno sent it wide with little effort and too much effort In the 38th minute, he passed goalkeeper Álvaro Valles and created the visitors’ best opportunities.

Marcelino García Toral made no changes after the break and the situation soon got worse again, this time from a set-piece: Sandro Ramírez’s corner from the right was headed towards the centre-back’s goal. Juanma Herzog, who made his debut, celebrated his goal with tears.

The entry of Norwegian Sörloth into the field for Villarreal, LaLiga EA Sports’ top scorer team, did not solve the unfortunate game.

A local counterattack, initiated by Valles with a hand serve, took Castellón’s team away; Marvin Park waited for Javi Muñoz to get to the baseline and his behind-the-back pass was slotted into the net by Kirian Rodríguez, sealing his own double.

Domestic activity was at its maximum then: three shots, three goals and for the first time García Pimienta, more than twice in one match, This paves the way for mathematical permanence and definitively heals the wound of the last defeat against Tenerife in the Copa del Rey.

Villarreal was also eliminated from the cup competition by a team. Those in the lower categories like Unionistas de Salamanca will need to row In a traumatic season, they have already conceded more goals in the first match of the second round than in the entire previous season.