The confusion continues CrisMontes And Eldense Sports Club. The football player returned to training this Friday. After a brief meeting with the second coach, Antonio CastanosThe midfielder completed the first part of the training session with his other teammates and went to the locker room with him for the final stretch. Another football player who is on the ramp up this winter market is Miguel Marí.

Cris Montes was missing last week due to the flu he was carrying. Yesterday, Thursday, he was exercising at the gym wearing a mask..

The fact is that the football player wants to continue his career in football. Deportivo de La Coruña. His family is located in the capital of Galicia and they also made him an offer. a more satisfactory economic salary and a two-season contract and the remainder of this season. His manager, Gelu Rodríguez, wants the player, whose contract will expire on June 30, to leave the team for zero fee. something from the offices in this winter market New Pepico Amat They don’t want to allow it.

The football player’s decision and attitude were not welcomed by the club of the shoe-producing city.who was mixing it up renewal option His contract expires this season. The club is angry and looking for a way out of this situation as quickly as possible. Requested yesterday 500,000 for transferHe claims to be unavailable to the Galician club, who are expected to submit their final offer within the next few hours.

The footballer is aware that the critical moment when his future will be resolved has come, whether in Elda or La Coruña, even if he has been offered more playing time than he currently has. The idea is that if it stays, it’s usable. Friendly game against Twente next Sunday. Montes is currently hospitalized with fever and flu, keeping him away from training.

The Tenerife-born player now hopes to find out his future within the next few hours and that the situation will not be delayed any further.

Youness and Andone

On the other hand, they were not there at this Friday’s session. Youness and Andone, who continue to experience discomfort He is muscular and has worked out in the gym.

For your part, Mario Soberon, who had the flu and did not participate in training. The session proceeded normally, except for Cris Montes and Miguel Marí, who were working on the sidelines and left half an hour before the rest of their colleagues.

On the other hand, the first reinforcement of this winter market, Nacho Monsalve is already in EldaAlthough he has not yet trained, he is not expected to participate in the friendly match against the Dutch team.