Alcoyano’s coach Vicente ParrasHe stated that they should close the first round with two wins at home against Mérida and Antequera. Reach 25 points Because anything below that figure would mean unrest for the rest of the campaign, he said.

Now we have two very important matches for us and if we can collect the remaining six points we can finish the first round with 25 points.. Getting these will allow us to see the competition differently. Finishing under 25 in the first round is a very low score, getting at least 25 points is another thing, especially not having to face so many emergencies in the second round,” Parras evaluated.

The Alcoyano coach expressed regret that his team performed as expected only when they were submerged up to their necks in water, as in the last match played in 2023, which ended in a 0-3 victory at the Iberoamericano Stadium in San Fernando. It’s been a very turbulent week in the team’s locker room, with three defeats in a row.

Improve after the break

“We cannot expect to be in an extreme situation to get the best out of ourselves. We must do this all the time, at every moment, not in specific situations. We must be constant. Our biggest shortcoming in the first round was the lack of organization and competitive determination.” he stated.

Parras pointed out that after the Christmas break they need to “start doing much better things” than they have been doing so far. “We have a pretty low point and we have to start picking up points no matter what. The competition is so close that you cannot relax even for a moment. We can’t go from less to more, we can’t go from more to more.‘ he thought.