It’s the end of the party at the Etihad Stadium, with Manchester City’s unforgettable year and five championships to their name. It ended with the Club World Cup last weekend. Making their debut in the Championship shield jersey, the light blue team comfortably beat Premier League’s last-placed Sheffield United (2-0), enjoying the game at times and away, seeing Kevin de Bruyne warming up on the wing. playgrounds Since the Champions League final 10 June.

De Bruyne came off the bench shortly after Julián Álvarez will score the 2-0 goal It reached the far post with a great assist from Phil Foden (m. 61) into the empty goal. Etihad applauded the Belgian and he devoted himself to chanting some of his team’s combinations “olé, olé”. 84% possession (finished 82%-18%). Having collected 9 points in 20 matches, Sheffield’s goal was limited to not leaving the 5-time champion alone during the visit. They just defended themselves with 5-4-1 and thus were able to avoid a very important result.

City have played at a slow pace since Rodri scored an unblocked goal in the 14th minute. The midfielder reached the area and shot low. The goal frightened Sheffield, who did not even want to delve into the defensive weaknesses of City, who have conceded a goal in eight Premier League games. the last three were drawn at home. In the 88th minute, Jayden Bogle shot Josko Gvardiol in the stomach. Some eyes turned to the group waiting for De Bruyne to take off his tracksuit. However, the midfielder never appeared again. It starred Oskar Bobb, Rúben Dias and Rico Lewis. HE City For bigger challenges, he needs De Bruyne, who had surgery for a hamstring injury in August.

Relief for Chelsea

Chelsea breathed a sigh of relief in the last game of the year. The referee took a breath when he blew the final whistle on what had undoubtedly become a complicated game against Luton. Mauricio Pochettino’s team won by a wide margin (tenth place), Comfortable 0-3 in the 70th minute He opened the scoring with Cole Porter’s second goal. Two goals from Roos Barkley (m. 80) and Elija Adebayo (m. 87) They made 2-3 As for Londoners, they fueled the hope of the local team struggling for permanence.

Compensatory satisfaction was provided by defeats to perennial rivals Burnley and Sheffield United. The team that is the symbol of salvation, just like Everton, and was defeated away at Wolverhampton (2-0).