Watch out for the new Primera leader. Take a look at the great team that is at the top of the league, Ahead of Madrid and Barça, who leave bodies along the way, constantly rack up points and exude a seductive scent of play that can only be admired.

Michel said Girona could not play face-to-face against Barça. But he faced it without fear or complexes, He did not believe in the fame that accompanied him, the greatness on which he relied, and beat him with a football review, grabbing the story of the style and the game. Attacked the champion and took the lead This takes you to another dimension. Girona can now be labeled as a championship candidate with its performance, with 13 wins in 16 matches and a scoring rate that can only be achieved by teams with the conditions and category required to become champions.

They will no longer wait for him anywhere, with that other dimension where he has shed his mask of surprise and the sympathy that always arouses the humble who challenge the giants. Now it’s your turn to defend the castle that everyone wants to occupy.

Barça had to listen to the chants of “olé, olé” with blushes in the final dance, where Valery achieved a spectacular victory with a score of 1-3. So much so that Gündoğan’s goal in extra time did not cause concern because Stuani completed the goal immediately. The historic night when Girona celebrated a victory that will be remembered for generations. And not just for white and red fans.