was traveling EON Alicante with barcelona This Wednesday we face another direct competitor from the top and the most complex competitors: Barça Athletic. Only one point separated the two teams in the scoreboard, and this equality was also reflected in the score. Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper.

Although it was the culé reserve team who took the lead in the early stages of the game. Alicante men knew how to turn the score to stay ahead. When Barça managed to get close, EON gathered his strength and focused on defense with great concentration. Marco Krimer between the sticks and best of all I managed to clear my opponent’s goal this afternoon. There were so many of them that they helped keep distance for up to four.

Although the match seemed to go in a loop: Barça came closer, EON moved further away, Barça closed the gap again, EON moved further away again. The Cules tried but those from Alicante were working hard to reach We are ahead 15-18 in the first half.

Barça scored the first goal again at the beginning of the second half. However Gabi Navarro and Jero Cartagena They took care to quickly pave the way for the continuation of dominance.

Although Latorre’s team remains at the topNumerous turnovers in EON’s defensive assignments helped Barça Atlètic reach the Alicante area without any problems and they almost always ended up one on one with both natives.

start again

This forced ÉON to use himself even more, strengthening all his lines and not relying on himself. it was like that In the 42nd minute of the match, the distance between the two became slightly different again.. David Jimenez He had the opportunity to go away, but his shot from seven meters went wide and Barça equalized immediately afterwards.

Jiménez made amends with two goals: First a long shot from goal by Marco Krimer, then an impossible shot from the edge of the penalty area for the local goalkeeper.

In the 48th of the match Matheus de Novais saw red and Barça equalized the score at 28. A new game was starting. Now time is flowing backwards faster than ever. Jero managed to put his team ahead again, but his shot from seven meters was unsuccessful.

last five minutes

Here’s what came Barça’s comeback (29-28) with 10 remaining. And a new chance for EON from seven metres, which Oriol Blanco managed to realize. However, Barça managed to turn the situation around and took a two lead with five remaining.

As the end of the meeting approaches, relive a repetitive story. A story in which the defensive areas appear larger and the opponent’s goal smaller in order to give the opponent victory (34-31) and deprived EON of the points they deserved for the rest of the match.

With this result, EÓN Horneo Alicante is in seventh place, two away from the play-off spots.

On Saturday, December 9, the Alicante team will receive the Club Cisne Colegio Los Sauces at the Hermano Felicísimo Ruiz Pavilion of the Maristas School at 19:30. This will be the last home game in 2023.


BARÇA ATLÈTIC: Pau Hernández, Roger Giner (2), Joan Blanco (3), OriolSan Felipe, Pau Morer (1), Oriol Zarzuela (3), Djordje Cikusa (4), Filip Saric, Tim Alex (5), Iker Elola (1) , Manuel Ortega (1), Miguel Ángel Martín (1), Guido Bayo (2), Alexander Cobmann (3), Ian Barrufet (7).

EON COOKING ALICANTE: Marco Krimer, David Jiménez (4), Santiago Camira (7), Martín Doldán (3), Bruno Ugrin (2), Gabriel Navarro (2), Jero Cartagena (1), Oriol Blanco (4), Julen Urruzola, Xabi Barreto (1), Alberto González (1), Dídac Talens (4), Matheus de Novais (2), Guillermo Fischer, Nacho Salgado.

Partial parts: 2-4, 3-7, 5-11, 8-12, 10-14, 14-18. Second part: 16-21, 21-24, 24-27, 28-28, 29-29, 3a-31.