Malaga already has the big star of the 2023 Davis Cup: Novak Djokovic. The Serbian tennis player landed at the Costa del Sol airport this Monday afternoon to prepare for his first match with his team against Great Britain, which is expected to be a big draw in the quarter-finals of the tournament. Even the return of the number 1 in the ATP rankings to Malaga and Last Masters Cup championAfter defeating Jannik Sinner in the grand final, the Martín Carpena Palace of Sports became the center of attention for the first time to host a full house for the Serbia-England match next Thursday.

The tennis player arrives in Malaga after crowning an almost perfect 2023 by shining particularly brightly in the second half of the year, and now he wants to add to it. crown jewel: davis cup by your choice. The fact is that the Serbian will play in enviable form at least on Thursday. Sinner’s scare in the group stage changed the serenity of his ranking in the Masters Cup somewhat, but when he was forced to comply, he rattled Carlos Alcaraz in the semi-finals and the Italian in the grand final.

It was Djokovic He became a tennis grandmaster for the seventh time, thus surpassing Roger Federer. But this was the result of only one year of work. conquered Three Grand Slams in 2023: Australian Open, Roland Garros and US Open. And he competed for fourth place in the final, but the still fresh Alcaraz managed to win the title on the British grass at Wimbledon.

Ambition to win everything

The answer to why he is at the Davis Cup in Malaga is very clear: he wants to win everything and competing representing his team is a very special part of him. His latest statements on the subject are a very clear mirror. 2024: “I can win four Grand Slams and an Olympic gold”announced that he will participate in the Paris Games next summer. “I always have my biggest ambitions and goals.”

He will also be on the Costa del Sol at a time when his legend grows even bigger. Djokovic will play Martín Carpena as No. 1 in the ATP rankings after 400 weeks At different periods of his career, this was a goal that the Murcian tennis player missed in recent tournaments. Regarding his record, he said, “This is a pretty good achievement, 400 weeks at number one has never been reached in history. Someone will break it but let’s hope it stays here for a long time.”

‘thorn’ with Davis

To complete his success, he comes to Malaga with a challenge: Winning the Davis Cup again with his country. Hasn’t done this since 2010 so now there’s a great opportunity to do that. According to the British newspaper The Times, they will first have to beat Great Britain, led by Cameron Norrie, after the last-minute loss of Andy Murray, who suffered a slight shoulder injury in training on Thursday.

The Serbian is likely to face Jannik Sinner again later. But what is clear is that it will deliver the magic. carpena With the desire to close the year 2023 with a new title.