Karpin admits he was unhappy with crushing victory over Cuba 22:05

Valery Karpin, head coach of the Russian national team, praised the national team players for their attitude in the match against Cuba. His words are quoted “Match TV”.

“It’s obvious he’s unhappy. Cuba made more passes in the last eight minutes of the first half than they did in the whole 37 minutes. You can always find an excuse. I liked how they worked on it in both halves, they immediately started tackling and pressing after the defeats.

It is not right to say that I am satisfied. We won and we won. What I liked more was not the score, but the attitude of the players. I saw in the field what was agreed upon and trained on,” Karpin said.

On November 20, the Russian team defeated Cuba with a score of 8:0. The goals were scored by Oblyakov, Golovin, Miranchuk, Silyanov, Sobolev, Prutsev, Krivtsov and Mostovoy. In the 85th minute, the referee gave Cuba a penalty, but Pinyaev could not convert it.

In the spring of 2022, the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) decided to suspend the participation of the Russian national team and all Russian clubs in all competitions controlled by these organizations. Since then the Russians have only played friendly matches.

Previously, the match of the Russian national team against Cuba deemed a crime against football.

Source: Gazeta


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