Twenty migrants arrived at Torrevieja beach on the Punta Margalla promenade

About twenty migrants arrived on Torrevieja beach by inflatable boat early this Monday. The migrants came ashore in a low rocky area by the sea. Punta Margalla.

This area located between the beaches Fools and the Priest It has many accommodation terraces. Even some immigrants of North African descent greeted customers before disappearing into the streets of the urban area of ​​Torrevieja.

Boat ran aground on Torrevieja beach INFORMATION

Outboard engine and fuel

The boat was equipped with a forty-horsepower outboard engine and contained several 50-litre fuel tanks, sufficient to make a direct passage from the coast of North Africa to the coast of Alicante in the anticyclonic weather and calm seas of the last few days. Those on the boat left the engine running to jump ashore. According to images taken by customers on the terraces, most were wearing what they normally wear without bags or backpacks.

Three people

In the last few hours, the Civil Guard and Local Police captured at least three people who came on the boat. A Civil Guard patrol remained at the spot where the boat ran aground.

Migrants were rescued by Sea Rescue in Alicante waters this Monday INFORMATION

Early this Monday morning, thirty-eight more immigrants rescued by They were transferred to the port of Alicante, with Salvamar Leo of Salvamento Marítimo sailing with two boats, They were treated by Red Cross personnel.

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