this Handball Club Elche he didn’t want to give up his homework in summer and june next season’s roster is already closed. The complex from Elche has undergone a significant renovation. eight additions and ten players continuing from last season.

bet “green fringe warriors” It will remain the same that has been in his DNA for years: youth and confidence in young players with tremendous growth capacity.

under the baton teacher Joaquin RocamoraWho is he getting married this Saturday? Mary FlowersElche had to use the skills and vast knowledge of handball players. compete with competitorsmostly have much higher economic potential.

Up to eight additions came from Elche to the club. Most important right-back Tessa Van Zijlinternational with the Netherlands, who will be responsible for taking charge of the offense.

Another important signature Spanish-Portuguese winger Danilo So Delgadowho left Valladolid Class Learning from Rocamora’s defenses and improving his shooting.

They also participated in the Elche project. Israeli winger Keren Tepliskywho faced the franciverdes fighters Macabbi in the EHF European Cup match; Y young Dutch Pipy Wolf.

The other four signings were bets on the future and on young players with great talent. end Maria CarilloThe pearl of Agustinos de Alicante. Zaira BenitezElda Prestigio facility; More, San Vicenc de Catalunya side; Y Lisa Oppedal, the last two years ago with Torrevieja became the champion of the Spanish youth. All of them are international in the sub-categories of the Spanish team and Rocamora knows it very well as a young coach.

Added to the eight additions is a key base from last season. gatekeepers Nicole Morales and Pamela Rodrigues. ends Clara Gasco and Celia Guilabert. plants Paola Bernabé and Ivet Musons. edges Maria Flores, Nuria Andreu and Elena Martinez. and pivot Katya Zhukova. All will try to impregnate their new friend with Elche DNA.

18 “warriors” in total, both though, Ivet Musons and Elena Martínez recently underwent surgery for serious knee injuries and will not be able to participate until the end of the year or even January..

Elche who will be The only representative of the Valencian Community in the Guerreras-Iberdrola Leagueraising the bar so high in recent seasons The titles of the champions of the Queen’s Cup and the Spanish Super Cup. It even proved its quality. European competitionof the recently completed campaign. was eliminated by Rocasa Canaria in the quarter-finals. who became champion

The Elche team finished sixth in the Guerreras-Iberdrola League, but failed to qualify for Europe. Waiting for a possible invitation to be able to wear the green stripe again across the Old Continent.

Joaquín Rocamora is “satisfied” with the squad that the club has been able to structure despite its low economic capacity compared to other teams. “We are happy. We signed on to the best talents in the province. We have a paid workforceIt is beneficial for the project for next season and next year, because we brought in very young players».

The coach from Orihuela does not want to set goals at the moment: «There have been many changes and we need to see how the new ones adapt.. I don’t want to set any goals and ceilings for myself because we don’t know how they will react. Peror we’re confident and we’ll definitely fight a lot”, says Rocamora. .