Juan Francisco Martinez Modesto “Nino”old captain and legend Elche CF taken at the council meeting this Monday Spanish Footballers Association (AFE)celebrated Madrid, recognition for it For his career as a professional and his values ​​as an athlete.

President of AFE, David Aganzoannounced their decision to give this award to Nino last Friday. The former football player could not be found in Madrid, but they sent him this trophy, which he wore with great pride. The former captain of the Franjiverde team once again recognized the many accolades he has received, “I am delighted.. One more, but it’s nice that the Spanish Football Association got to know you, because it means the football world’s respect for my career and me.“.

Nino has been a professional football player for over 20 years. Most of his career was spent at Elche, but he also played. i grew upinside Tenerife and Osasuna, where he achieved promotion to the First Division and played in the highest category of Spanish football. The striker and endless scorer decided to close his boots at the end of the 2020-2021 season after helping put the green-and-green team in the Premier League.

Now he’s trying to open himself up, walking on the bench as a coach. Nino has recently taken the title of national coach which allows him to manage teams in any category.. recently finished campaign He placed second at the Franjiverde subsidiary, helping René Martínezhad a good season with a very young staff. It was a learning period for the future and when getting a national card.

Nino is waiting for a meeting with Elche’s leaders to find out what his future will be. Christian Bragarnik, owner of the Elche club, has stated many times that he wanted the former captain to be a part of his project.. “We are waiting for a meeting. I was very comfortable with René at Ilicitano, I learned a lot and now the club has to decide what they want. I am in no rush and I have no title. national coach my goal is to continue education and continue learning for the futureThe legend of franciverde, who accepts that he is very comfortable, interprets. Seeking to help develop and contribute to the experience of the children of grassroots football fringed green