Christian Lawyers sues Generalitat for subsidizing an App for “chemsex” practice

Spanish Foundation Christian Lawyers He filed a criminal complaint against two senior officials of the Generalitat for allegedly committing crimes against public health.”to fund a person application to practice chemical sex“, As explained in the statement made by the lawyers organization. On the contrary, Generalitat sources assure that it was, in fact, a sex education campaign to reduce the risks.

The complaint is specifically addressed to Jesús Damián Martí, director general of the Valencian Youth Institute, and Ofelia Gimeno, Director of Public Health, whom they accuse of financing a communications application. chemical sex and to promote such a dangerous practice among young people in the region through social networks. According to Fundeu-RAE, referring to the Oxford dictionary, “chemical sex a sexual activity under the influence of stimulants, often with more than one partner like methamphetamine or mephedrone”. chemicals sexywhose literary translation chemical sexsometimes used in Spanish.

Christian Lawyers points out that the Public Health Directorate has given a subsidy to the Valencia Community’s Citizens’ Committee against AIDS. 5,496.43 €to execute a “Contacts app for MSM and users chemical sexConcerning the Valencia Youth Institute, he denounces the publication of a guide to the practice on his social networks. chemical sex and expressions like “Everything is fine as long as it is checked”. As soon as consciousness is lost, it ceases to be a safe practice” or “Knowing the person supplying you with the drugs can give you some reassurance that the drugs are as pure as possible.”. They assure me that the agency deleted their posts from the Instagram social network a month after posting it, after causing a stir in the media.

Poland Castellanos, head of Christian Lawyers, points out that “With our taxes, a public health crime that encourages minors to use drugs can be committed by a public administration, sufficient reason for immediate disqualification”.

The version of the facts presented by the Generalitat is completely opposite. They assure that the campaign, led by IVAJ, aims to reduce risks among young people. In fact, the guide published by IVAJ begins with the warning: “chemsex practice always has certain risks. As we now know, prohibitions do not stop people from enforcing them”. For this reason, they make some suggestions to reduce the risks in this application.

In this sense, such advice is offered: Informing yourself will allow you to know the effects, risks and compatibility with other treatments; Knowing the person who supplied you with the drugs can give you assurance that the drugs are as pure as possible; Set limits before using them as security words so that the app is safe for you and others; A safe environment with people you know can ensure that you are taken care of in any situation. And they conclude: “Everything is fine as long as it is controlled. The moment consciousness is lost, it ceases to be a safe practice.”

Source: Informacion


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