Anil Murthy was fired on Monday, May 30, fifteen days after the first installment. Sounds produced by Superdeporte. During his last two weeks at the head of the club, He made a series of statements on behalf of Meriton. Valencia CF, with whom he has so far defended the head of the entity.

On the morning of Monday, the 16th, hours after his remarks about Soler, Gayà and Bordalás came to light, Meriton assured that the voices were “edited and mixed in order to convey a false or biased idea in the context of a general conversation and to try to generate discussion.”. Additionally, Superdeporte was accused of running a “smear campaign against Valencia CF”.

Hours later, VCF Media released Anıl Murthy’s 14-minute statement under the title of interview. In it, the then-president defended some aspects of his administration that were questioned after their voices were published. In the next few days the club’s social networks shared up to eight tracks of this video.

As Superdeporte released its remarks about Peter Lim on Tuesday night, the 17th, Meriton made a new statement. Again this medium was accused of “distorting the truth and deceiving people with clickbait”.in addition to “deliberately distorting and misrepresenting the content of conversations”.

Finally, the next morning,death threats, insults and disqualifications Against President Anıl Murthy, his relatives and club employees” expressions were used. these comments were reported to the police and said that in the coming days, the complaint would be updated with “all signs of threats of hate and acts of violence collected on social networks.”

Announcement 1 (May 16)

In view of the audio recordings released by the newspaper Superdeporte, Valencia CF wishes to state publicly:

one. The audio recordings are of a dinner held on 27 April with five Valencian businessmen and the VCF Foundation at a restaurant to promote the ‘La Nit de València’ solidarity event.

two. Voices posted on Superdeporte are edited and mixed to try to create discussion and convey a false or biased opinion in the context of a general conversation.

3. Superdeporte is committing a serious unethical practice and an attack on privacy by releasing private and illegitimately recorded audio recordings out of context without the consent of VCF President Anıl Murthy.

Four. This move is part of Superdeporte’s smear campaign against Valencia CF over the past months.

5. This campaign began months ago after the Club rejected a Superdeporte proposal, which the newspaper sought to sustain economically by demanding tens of thousands of euros for advertising from Valencia CF.

6. The matter is in the hands of the Valencia CF legal services, which are currently examining the measures to be taken against Superdeporte and its manager.

Interview with Anil Murthy

Announcement 2 (May 17)

After the recently released audio recordings, Valencia CF once again denounces the lack of ethical and journalistic rigor on behalf of Superdeporte. Collaborating with a criminal who managed to record a private conversation, this newspaper has one purpose, as demonstrated: to distort facts and deceive people with clickbait. We hope fans realize once again that they are deliberately distorting and misrepresenting the content of the conversations.

Communiqué 3: Complaints of insults, death threats and acts of violence (May 18)

Valencia CF, through its legal services, collects all death threats, insults and disqualifications against President Anil Murthy, his relatives and Club employees.

They were reported to the police this Wednesday morning, and a complaint update will be made in the coming days regarding all the signs of hate and threats of violence collected on social networks.

Such behavior is unacceptable in society, does not represent any of Valencia CF’s values ​​and can have legal consequences.