Olympic champion says Dziuba needs to be dealt with 20:13

Two-time Olympic biathlon champion Dmitry Vasiliev sent Lokomotiv Moscow football player Artem Dzyuba to Zenit St. Petersburg. He condemned the remarks he made to St. Petersburg head coach Sergei Semak. He shared his opinion with him legal betting.

Dzyuba after the ninth round match of the Russian Premier League (RPL) statedWhat Semak doesn’t know.

“We need to handle Dziuba, that’s all! I don’t know why he did this. Maybe he will finish football at such a point to catch the excitement and attract the attention of potential sponsors. But that doesn’t mean he looks good at all. Whoever he is, Dziuba must remain silent, because Semak made him, before that he was an average peasant. It is not nice to behave like this,” said Vasiliev.

The meeting ended with a 2:1 victory for the “railway workers”. Zenit’s player Mateo Cassierra scored the goal in the 22nd minute. In the 60th minute, Lokomotiv midfielder Maxim Glushenkov equalized the score. In the extra time of the second half, Nair Tiknizyan put his team ahead and determined the score.

Previously Orlov named Dziuba is a complete rudeness.

Source: Gazeta


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